Katy & Toby - Rosewood Pavilion, Cambridgeshire

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Katy & Toby - Rosewood Pavilion, Cambridgeshire

Katy and Toby had fallen in love with the Rosewood Pavilion as soon as they’d set eyes on it. I don’t blame them. It’s a tranquil, idyllic venue, just outside Chippenham and surrounded by beautiful Cambridgeshire countryside. It was the ideal spot for Katy and Toby’s very relaxed wedding day. 


Cambridgeshire wedding photography

Katy was getting ready at her sister’s house with her parents, two sisters and nieces. They all have such a lovely, close relationship and it was a real pleasure to spend a few hours with them all ahead of the wedding. I love the moments they shared as Katy was getting into her dress, there was a lot of giggling which definitely helped Katy’s nerves! 


The giggling gave way to a few happy tears as Katy saw the message Toby had left on the bottom of her shoes, they really are the sweetest couple! Luckily both Katy and her Dad managed to hold it together when Dad saw her for the first time, I absolutely adore the look on his face though! 


Ely wedding 

Meanwhile my second shooter, Rob, was over at The Tharp Arms, a local pub, with Toby and his groomsmen. They were soon joined by wedding guests who had popped in for a quick drink ahead of the ceremony. There was a lively atmosphere and being surrounded by so many friends and family definitely helped keep Toby’s nerves at bay! 


Their church wedding ceremony was so lovely and emotional. Both Katy and Toby cried when they first saw each other - and I may have had to wipe away a tear or two myself at that point! 


After the ceremony (and after Katy and Toby had been completely covered in confetti!) it was time for a few family photographs whilst everyone else made their way over to the Rosewood Pavillion. I also need to mention the super cute Shetland Pony that greeted Katy and Toby outside church. It was a first for me at a wedding that’s for sure! 


Rosewood Pavilion wedding reception

The marquee at Rosewood Pavilion had been lovingly decorated with photos of Katy and Toby, lots of plants and sprigs of lavender (it smelt amazing in there!). I love how they’d made the space their own and gone for a real rustic, countryside feel. 


As the fantastic Ricky Locke Magic kept their guests entertained and Snap Chaps got everyone’s toes tapping, Toby, Katy and I went for a stroll to get some photos of the two of them. I always keep this part of the day nice and chilled out, I want natural moments rather than lots of posing! When they returned to their wedding reception they were in for a surprise, Katy’s Dad played and sang for them. He was fab! 


This was just the best day, I loved every minute of it and it’s been so hard to narrow down the photographs for this blog. Enjoy!


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